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Honda Wheel Bearing Service

What is the wheel bearing replacement service all about?

Within each of your wheels, there is an assembly of mechanical elements known as the wheel bearings, that connect your wheels to your front and rear axles. The purpose of these wheel bearings is to support the weight of your car, and ensure that the weight is properly balanced. Over time, the wheel bearings will begin to succumb to the pressures of constant weight while driving. Once they begin to wear out and the signs of growling wheels capture your ears, it is time to contact Rolling Hills Honda. During the wheel bearing replacement service, a certified technician will remove the wheel from the car and then remove the wheel bearing that is attached to the axle. From there, a new wheel bearing from the parts department designed specifically for your Honda will replace the former wheel bearing. The wheels will be balanced when placed back on the car.

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Why Should I have it Done?

You should have this done in order to protect the integrity of your vehicle balance. Because the wheel bearing is in a central location on your Honda, it is essential that the wheel bearing conditions on your Honda remain in good condition. Once you begin to hear the sound of the wheel bearings failing, you will need to schedule your wheel bearing replacement service soon to minimize the pressure placed on both your tires and your axle.

What happens if I don't do it now?

If you choose not to have the wheel bearings replaced immediately on your Honda, you will begin to notice an inconvenient growl coming from your wheels that can be heard from others. The pressure on your tires will begin to enhance on those associated with the failing wheel bearing, causing the tread on the tire to wear at a faster pace. This can require you to also replace these tires, becoming an additional expense.

Why should I have the work done at Rolling Hills Honda?

The certified technicians at Rolling Hills Honda understand the necessity of maintaining the wheel bearings on your Honda. Proudly serving residents in the St. Joseph MO, Elwood, KS, and Savannah, MO communities, the service department at Rolling Hills Honda is equipped with ​premium parts for your service.

While we service your Honda, enjoy our comfortable customer lounge filled with refreshments for your enjoyment. We also offer an early bird drop off for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule your wheel bearing replacement service or any other services you may need.

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