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Honda transmission Fluid exchange Service

What is the transmission fluid exchange service all about?

The transmission in your Honda is essential for automatically shifting gears when accelerate your speed, slow down, or use reverse. In order for the transmission to properly operate, transmission fluid must be present. Like the other fluids in your Honda, the transmission fluid serves to thoroughly lubricate the moving parts of the operation and minimize the corrosion building up through the transmission. When this fluid breaks down to the point of being inoperable, it must be exchanged. During the transmission fluid exchange service, a certified technician will remove the old transmission fluid from the reservoir, and replenish it with fresh transmission fluid.

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Why should I have it done?

You should have this service done every 75,000 miles to ensure proper operation of your transmission. Your transmission requires fresh fluid to prevent a build-up of corrosion in the clutch. When you maintain this service periodically, you are maximizing the lifespan of your transmission, and allowing your Honda's performance to be maintained. Because the fluid keeps the transmission properly operating, having this affordable service maintained will ensure that your transmission stays in healthy form without having to completely replace it.

What happens if I don't do it now?

Some Honda owners and mechanics do not believe that changing transmission fluid is necessary and can last the life of the vehicle. This is a dangerous thought to entertain and as a responsible Honda owner, beware of the dangers that will follow. Eventually, your transmission will begin to breakdown due to inoperable fluids circulating through the system. As it begins to deteriorate, there will be jerks made through your Honda where your transmission is having difficulties shifting gears. Long-Term negligence of this service will most definitely cause small parts within the transmission to break off and your Honda stall in its tracks. Unfortunately, many who experience this find themselves stranded along highways waiting for assistance and sometimes in the path of heavy traffic when it could have been avoided. They also find themselves paying thousands of dollars for a new transmission.

The certified technicians at Rolling Hills Honda understand the importance of the transmission in your Honda and how healthy maintenance of transmission fluid exchange can save you thousands and maintain the integrity of your Honda. St. Joseph MO Honda owners, as well as those in Elwood KS and Savannah MO, have access to their service department.Equipped with early bird drop off, after hours drop off, and a waiting lounge, we will accommodate you to the service of your choosing. Contact our service department today for more information.

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