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Honda Tire Replacement Service

Tire Replacement Service

Your tires are four of the most important parts of your car. Without them, you basically won't go anywhere. So what happens when they begin to wear out? Knowing when to replace them can be a guess if you don't understand what types of wear and tear to look for. When you work with your dealership and schedule regular maintenance checks, they will be able to identify signs of wear and give you a better estimate as to when your tires should be replaced.

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Fresh Tires, Better Traction

Fresh tires will provide you with better traction, especially during inclement weather. The more tread you have on your tires, the better grip they will have on the road. During heavy rains, the deep tread of your tires helps to funnel away large amounts of water and prevent you from hydroplaning. You also have better stopping power and will eliminate slippage on hot asphalt. The life of your tires will depend on the brand as well as how you drive your vehicle. Frequent stopping and starting or hitting large bumps can damage your tread or cause your car to go out of alignment.

Proper Tire Maintenance Makes For Better Mileage

Proper tire maintenance is also beneficial when it comes to getting good gas mileage for both city and highway driving. Proper tire maintenance includes checking for proper tire pressure, rotating the tires as needed, and replacing tires as they become worn or damaged. Most dealerships will perform a tire maintenance check to make sure there are no bad spots or wear patterns. They will double check the tire pressure to make sure they are inflated within the range recommended by the manufacturer. This ensures you will get the best possible gas mileage at all times.

Residents who live in St. Joseph, MO, Savannah, MO, or Elwood, KS can always turn to Rolling Hills Honda for all of their car care needs. Their licensed technicians can inspect your tires and give you maintenance tips that will help to prolong their lifespan. By providing you with a thorough tire inspection, they can advise you on whether or not you should have your tires rotated or replaced. They are also able to make any necessary repairs if the problem happens to be the valve stem or a simple nail in your tire. Don't risk driving on unsafe tires! Visit Rolling Hills Honda and have them inspected as soon as possible!

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