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Honda Tire Patch & Repair Service

Tire Patch & Repair Service

There’s nothing worse than driving down a dirt road or through a construction site only to learn that you picked something up in your tire. A tire patch and repair service can be the best way to overcome this obstacle in St. Joseph, MO. At Rolling Hills Honda, the service is performed quickly and affordably. They have also been serving the communities of Savannah, MO and Elwood, KS for many years.

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The Importance of a Tire Patch & Repair Service

A tire patch and repair service is available when your tires are still in good condition but there’s a puncture that’s causing an air leak. The tire is patched with a special kit so that you can get many more miles out of the tire. It’s a more affordable option than having to get a brand new tire – especially when the tire tread is still in great condition. A tire patch is a great alternative to driving around on a spare for an extended period of time. If you don’t have the money for a new tire, you can’t just drive on a spare. They aren’t meant to be driven on for more than a few dozen miles. If you drive on a small spare (not a full-size) for too long, you can cause problems to the suspension and alignment – and that’s going to cost a lot more to fix

Having your tire patched only takes a few minutes. Once it’s done, you could get 10,000 miles or more out of your tire, if you’re fortunate. And, if you do get another puncture, it’s possible to get it patched again before needing to get a tire. By talking to a professional at a service center, they will tell you whether you’re eligible for a tire patch and repair or not based on the damage that has been sustained by the tire and what kind of condition the tread is in.

Choosing Rolling Hills Honda

At Rolling Hills Honda, we have a reputation for providing friendly customer service and competitive pricing in St. Joseph, MO. We look forward to helping you with a tire patch and repair service for your Honda or any other vehicle you may have. We can also perform other services at the same time, including oil changes, spark plug replacements, and more.

For your convenience, we have a waiting lounge with HD TVs, WiFi, and plenty of magazines and newspapers. Relax while we take care of your tires. When you need a tire patch, contacts us to make an appointment or stop by our service center. We look forward to serving you.

Why Service at Rolling Hills Honda?

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  • Refreshments & Snacks
  • WiFi
  • Magazines & Newspapers
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  • Keurig Drinks
  • Early Bird Drop Off
  • After Hours Drop/Pick Up

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