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Tie Rod End Replacement Service

Honda Tie Rod End Replacement Service

Tie Rod End Replacement in St. Joseph, Missouri

Every Honda car, truck, van, and SUV comes equipped with tie rod ends that are a primary component of the vehicle’s steering system. Tie Rods connect to each wheel and are responsible for steering the vehicle as needed when the driver rotates the steering wheel inside the cabin. Tie Rods have an end piece that connects to the steering knuckle found at each front-wheel location. Each tie rod end is a ball joint that pivots as needed to corner.
Although Honda has engineered some of the most durable tie rod ends found throughout the auto industry, just like any other auto part, the joint can succumb to ongoing steering and handling forces that ultimately cause it to wear out or get damaged. If your vehicle needs to replace a Tie Rod End, we invite you to get the highest quality service from your trusted Honda service experts at Rolling Hills Honda in St. Joseph. Our Honda Service Center is located in St. Joseph, MO near Savannah, MO & Elwood, KS.

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Warning Signs of a Bad Tie Rod End

As a tie rod end gets excessive wear or damage, the warning signs can range from almost undetectable to catastrophic loss of front-wheel control. No matter what the degree of warning, it is an excellent decision to get Tie Rod End Replacement as soon as you notice any warning signs because the problem and the symptoms will only worsen over time.

  • Front end alignment is off
  • Uneven or excessive tire tread wear
  • Steering wheel vibrates
  • Steering wheel feels loose
  • Clunking noise that gets louder over time

What does Tie Rod End Replacement Include?

At Rolling Hills Honda, our Tie Rod End Replacement includes a Certified Technician, certified service procedure, and a genuine Honda Tie Rod End. The vehicle has the defective tie rod end removed and replaced with a genuine Honda Tie Rod End to restore steering performance and safety to factory specifications. Since the vehicle gets lifted for this service, it is an excellent opportunity to inspect the steering and handling components as well as your vehicle’s alignment to ensure everything is in good condition.

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