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Control Arm Bushing Suspension Service in St. Joseph, MO

At Rolling Hills Honda, we are the Sioux Falls region’s trusted Honda suspension experts. We provide control arm bushing suspension service as needed when difficulties arise with the suspension. The control arm bushings are vital suspension components that push against the control arm at both ends to secure a connection with the chassis. The control arm connects to the bushings and to the chassis, allowing the wheel assembly to move upward and downward given the terrain conditions while driving. Control arm bushings are made out of a durable rubber that dampens roadway forces while driving. Since the bushings will give on difficult terrain, the suspension parts can move as needed while dampening vibrations that would otherwise get passed into the chassis and the cabin to create an unpleasant driving condition.

Although bushings are durable, the difficult job will eventually cause them to wear out. If unpleasant driving conditions occur and are put off, the defective bushings can cause safety problems such as uncontrolled wheel hop. If your Honda needs a suspension service to repair the control arm bushing, CV boot & axle, or ball joint, we invite you to our Honda Service Center for world-class service. We are conveniently located in St. Joseph, MO near Elwood, KS and Savannah, MO.

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What are the Warning Signs of a Defective Control Arm Bushing?

As a control arm bushing wears out, it will not function properly at its job of dampening road impacts. If you are experiencing any of the warning signs of a defective control arm bushing, it is a good idea to get it repaired before it fails and causes worsening problems in your driving experience. Here are the most common symptoms related to a defective control arm bushing:

  • Clunking Noise – usually happens when hard stopping, turning corners or hitting bumps
  • Loose or Wandering steering - pulls to one side without input at the steering wheel
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vibrations or shaking

Overview of Control Arm Bushing Suspension Service

Service includes a certified technician that will remove the old control arm bushing and install a Honda OEM control arm bushing according to Honda’s factory specifications for your model. The expert technician will also inspect the entire suspension system to ensure it is in excellent condition.

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