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Oil Leak Repair Service

Oil Leak Repair Services in St. Joseph, MO

Every Honda car, truck, van, and SUV with an internal combustion engine relies on engine oil to keep the engine’s internal parts lubricated, and the engine’s temperature contained. Oil is pumped throughout the engine inside a closed system with several vital components working together to help lubricate the inner parts. If the engine oil system gets a worn seal, damaged part, or faulty component, the oil can leak out of the trouble spot.

If you notice any symptoms of leaking engine oil, we recommend scheduling an Oil Leak Repair Service as soon as possible given the consequences of an overheating engine. Rest assured that our Certified Technicians understand your vehicle inside and out and know how to isolate the problem and perform the repair necessary to restore peak engine lubrication at factory specifications. The region’s best Honda Oil Leak Service is readily available at the Rolling Hills Honda Service Center in St. Joseph, MO near Elwood, KS, and Savannah, MO.


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Symptoms of an Oil Leak

You’ve probably already guessed that the telltale sign of an oil leak is visible oil leaking out of the engine. The engine oil escaping will collect on the engine block or another component on or around the engine. Oil can also leak from the engine and pool on the ground under the vehicle. Beyond visible oil leaking out of the engine, it is possible that oil can leak out undetected if certain components are damaged. Signs of an oil leak:

  • Engine oil puddling under the vehicle
  • Excessive or darker smoke from the exhaust
  • Smoke from the engine inside the engine bay
  • Dashboard warning light
  • Engine overheating
  • Smell burning oil

Fixing Oil Leaks

Service begins with a Certified Technician with significant training and hands-on experience confirming oil leaks and then isolating the root cause of the leak. The Certified Technician will use presenting symptoms as the staging point for finding the worn or damaged component allowing the oil to escape. Once the cause of the oil leak is identified, the worn or damaged component can get repair service with a genuine Honda Part from our Part Department.

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