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Maryville, MO Oil Change

Maryville, MO Honda Oil Change

Oil Changes at Rolling Hills Honda for Maryville, MO Residents

Midwestern weather takes a toll on your Honda. You need to do your best to maintain it for reliable use. One of the most basic preventive maintenance items you can do is an oil change. Our ASE-certified technicians at Rolling Hills Honda in St. Joseph can do a Honda oil change quickly and affordably. We work on any make or model vehicle and have a great selection of aftermarket parts by the industry’s top suppliers to make your car run its best. We have oils and oil filters by the most popular brands and in all types. You can protect your engine with a new oil filter and oil change and help it handle Midwestern roads and weather even better.

What Honda Oil Changes Do

Our factory-trained mechanics will remove your drain plug and washer and the old engine oil filter. We completely scavenge all of the old oil and the acids and contaminants it contains. We send that old, contaminated oil off for recycling and install a new oil filter. Then we top off your engine with the oil of your choice. Many people run conventional oil but like to change the viscosity to match summer and winter driving conditions. Others prefer either a fully synthetic oil or a semi-synthetic oil that contains additives designed to improve the cooling process and protection against friction.


Why You Need To Do It

An oil change is the most basic form of preventive maintenance you can do on your car. It also is the most affordable and takes only a few minutes. Once done, your engine gets the maximum protection against internal friction and heat. That makes the metal parts last longer and work better. A new oil filter also helps to keep everything flowing well and protected against damaging contaminants. The filter gathers any metallic flakes and bits that might wear off parts during thousands of miles of use.


Schedule an Oil Change at Rolling Hills Honda Today

If you are due for a Honda oil change near Maryville, we can take care of it. Just bring your car into Rolling Hills Honda in St. Joseph for a fast and affordable oil change. It will take just a short time to do. You can relax in our customer lounge while we take care of your car. It has free satellite TV, Wi-Fi, drinks, and snacks to keep you entertained. You also can drop off your car and use a free shuttle to get to Elwood, KS, Savannah, MO, and other nearby locales.

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