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What Is Involved with Repairing or Replacing a Radiator

Although your car's radiator is designed to withstand the rigors of the road, there can be situations in which a small hole develops and the engine coolant is able to escape. The cooling system is an integral aspect of the engine's performance, as without cooling being available the engine will overheat, essentially cooking the oil that is used for lubrication of moving parts. Without such lubricant, the parts will seize and the engine won't run.

If the coolant is leaking, a thorough inspection is required to determine if perhaps the radiator cap simply needs to be replaced, if a hose is broken, if there is a single hole in the radiator or multiples points of damage. A single hole might be patched with solder, depending on the size and location of the hole. If there are multiple holes or if the radiator has already been patched before, it's probably just time to replace the radiator and prevent the problem from occurring again and potentially leaving you stranded with a breakdown.


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When and Why radiator Repair Must Happen

The worst consequence of not having a radiator repaired in a timely fashion is that of breaking down on the side of the road. The vehicle may be able to have coolant added as a roadside repair or might need a tow. Weather the reason for breaking down is a needed Clutch Replacement Service or a radiator repair  it's never a safe situation to break down in traffic.

Using an Authorized Dealership

For a radiator repair or any other maintenance your car might need, it's important to consider a licensed and authorized car dealer's technician staff such as provided by Rolling Hills Honda Service Department in St. Joseph, MO and serving the surrounding areas of Savannah and Elwood in Kansas. A dealership has trained technicians who understand the needs of specific makes and models of cars, and use only the appropriate parts as recommended by the manufacturer the performance and life of your vehicle.

When your radiator needs to be replaced, it's important to find an authorized dealer such as Rolling Hills Honda serving the St. Joseph MS and Elwood, KS areas so a technician with proper tools, training, and experience can service the vehicle.

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