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What Happens When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

There may once have been a question, but in today's world of common knowledge and internet communication, it's well known a check engine light has to be addressed sooner rather than later. The fact is, the light can mean any number of things in your engine or electrical system aren't working properly. Sometimes it can be a simple fix which improves gas efficiency and overall performance, other times it might indicate an utter failure is about to occur.

Why It Has To Be Checked

Modern cars use an integrated computer as part of maintaining performance and efficiency, so it's important to understand the Check Engine light might be a reference to a simple maintenance procedure or a larger problem. Although the problem might be as simple as having splashed rainwater into the electronics, it might also mean a larger problem is happening like a Engine Timing Belt. A professional with proper equipment can check the codes and determine why the light is on, conduct the proper repairs, and reset the light.


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What Happens if the Light Is Ignored

Fortunately, nine times out of ten the Honda check engine light turns out to be something benign. The tenth time is the time that counts, as it can potentially mean something is wrong that will lead to further problems and more expensive repairs if it isn't corrected. If the car is still new enough to be under warranty, not having the check engine light inspected can potentially void the terms offered to fill such a guarantee of the car's reliability.

There are a few common issues which cause the light to turn on. With some models, it might simply be designed to come on when a routine service check is needed.  There could be an issue with the fuel pump or filter, or there might be a sensor which isn't working and although it allows the car to still run it isn't running efficiently. Whatever the issue our certified Service Department can take car of it!

When a check engine light comes on, it's important to find an authorized dealer such as Rolling Hills Honda serving the St. Joseph MS and Elwood, KS areas so a technician with proper tools, training, and experience can service the vehicle.

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